Live Casino (Virtual reality, 360°)

"The most cutting edge live casino system that is 360° virtual reality, focusing on roulette, but it can be applied to many games."

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System specifications

Part of the system is VR mobile app (that can be used with google cardboard, Gear VR etc) and a server side system, that streams the live video, live sound and required game data to the mobile app. The server side system also logs the moves that player took in the game, so that a dealer can understand how the players are doing, and so any kind of transaction can be validated in order to prevent potential hacking attacks. The mobile app handles live 360° video stitching in a way that reduces delay significantly and makes this system useful, which would not be possible by using traditional video stitching methods. The game showcases the user interface and user experience in a VR environment, as well as the core game logic (allowing the user to place different bets and to confirm or cancel them, as well as rewarding the user appropriately), the game is roulette, however, the same technology could easily be applied to many other casino games.

Presenting at Summit of iGaming Malta (SIGMA)

System presentation