Asgardian stones

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As you already know, NetEnt often tends to integrate fantastic features into their slots and Asgardian Stones is no exception. If you love action and Nordic myths, you’ll enjoy playing Asgardian Stones. Here are five pointers on how to win in the Asgardian Stones slot. If you’re a fan of the Cascading Stones and other similar slots in the game, don’t forget to try it.

The theme of Asgardian Stone is Norse mythology. The graphic shows the colossal stones guarding the gate between Asgard and Olympus. The world of Asgardian stone will take you through Scandinavian myths and legends. So, get ready to feel the immense power and magic of antiquity.

The journey

Asgardian Stones are set up on 5 reels with 20 paylines. The avalanche mechanics means that the reel does not spin.

Chapter 1

Asgardian Stones will take you into the Viking territory. As you move through the video slot, it will confront you with a series of floating stones. They drop down as prices from above. As you move into the city, you will see the great, dazzling city of Asgard. There you will meet its inhabitants as well as a variety of creatures from beyond.

As mentioned, this slot is in some ways a reference to Scandinavian folk tales. It presents elaborate styles and characters that fit with such sophisticated planets. Scandinavian cities and the incomparable graphics that decorate their style are great. So, they deserve their place in the game.

Chapter 2

It has some bonus features that will make you play longer than you planned. If you’re trying to find the best free slot machine for your gaming needs, Asgardian Stones is the game for you.

The bonus features of the Asgardian Stones are pretty dramatic in this regard. They give you a real chance to multiply your winnings. There is no doubt that this is not only a gimmick but leads to real chances of multiplying your winnings. It also often leads to more bonuses. The bonus wheel completes the number of free spins received, and the more spins, the higher the bonus.

Chapter 3

The game has 2×2 and even 3×3 giant symbols can also appear in the avalanche. It is an interesting aspect of this slot that differs from other similar slots. These symbols are colossal symbols. Their collapse is the only way to inflict enormous damage on the opponent. Multipliers are not the main event here. There are some other effects like the ability to double – click on a huge symbol and let it collapse. The only drawback of the Asgardian Stones Slot is that it is a slow game and winning feels like hard work. But, it can appear on the screen as either a 2X2 or 3X3 version of the symbol.

As an avalanche reel game, it has one obvious attraction. It is that players can string together multiply wins with each spin. You could say it’s a less volatile version of Gonzo Quest, but it’s strong enough to be on its own as a 5-reel game.

Chapter 4

Software vendor NetEnt powered the Asgardian Stones Slot. The majority know NetEnt for its gaming products like Scratch and Live Dealer Games. We have over 1,000 free slot machines for you to play on our website. It is including Give Back Bingo as well as many other games. It allows you to play for free before you decide to make an actual bet. We await your feedback on the quality of the game and its performance in real-time.

If you have an interest in this slot and want to claim a no deposit free spin, you can look for casinos that offer deposit bonuses. Since it is a video slot, players can withdraw the slot at any time. It is making a perfect, fast, and satisfying gaming experience. If you want to play Asgardian Stones, you need to go to a website with NetEnt slots. There you can find more information on this. Slots from NetEnt are not available for playing with real money in the US or Canada.


The Asgardian Stones has plenty of originality to offer. So, if you are looking for a free casino game or are willing to throw some money at the best online slot game available, then it will be fun to play. With an RTP of only 96, Asgardian Stones needs little more than tasty graphics and a bonus wheel. But, there’s plenty of it, starting with the great graphics. It means the game looks good and captivates you on your first spin.

To check the benefits of this slot machine, you can first try the Asgardian Stones demo game. You can also try your luck with real money and convince yourself by playing the game. Get ready to enjoy this NetEnt creation. Also, check out our reviews of the other slots on our online casino site.


Asgardian stones slot review
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Travel trough Scandinavian folk tales with Asgardian Stones slot. It is a 5 reels game with 20 paylines. This game offers great graphics, style, and interesting bonus features. Here you have a real chance to multiply your winnings. All that makes it one of the best free games out there.