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Berryburst MAX is a brand new game that has reached the online casino world. It takes NetEnt’s infamous Starburst slot and gives it an advanced wild. Berryburst MAX is a paid cluster that marks the launch of the MAX series. It gives network operators, players, and licensees a unique opportunity to enjoy it.

The journey

The Berryburst MAX slot features a 5-reel payline. It is a cluster line, and it has paylines replaced.

Chapter 1

The regular version of the slot can pay 1,868 times the bet. But, Berryburst MAX can increase your bankroll to 6,000 times the bet with a 6,000-fold bet. The max win in Berryburst is 100,000 coins. If you manage to get a large multiplier of 6,500, you can say that the Berrybursts Max slot has the best chance of winning a slot in NetEnt’s current line – up. The winning MAX slots are available on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. So, this will appeal to most players.

In design and appearance, BerryBurst Max is not dissimilar to the original. The truth is that much of the game history of Berryburst Max’s slots are identical to the original game. But. when we talk about graphic design, it is not. We have written a Berryburst Max video slot review for you. We will have it available on the Secret Slots website.

Chapter 2

Like the standard slot, the Berryburst MAX has coin values varying from 0.01 to 2.00. It is allowing players to opt for free play. Players can also enjoy the Golden Nugget Casino. It gives them the chance to win big, with a more volatile approach. There you can pocket a prize of up to 100,000PS in cash, or take part in the VIP program. You can play it for 10p, for which you bet 10p to make a PS200 spin, and for a max of PS500 in paylines.

The max bet is 6,000 times your original bet, which is not bad for a simple slot machine. This non-progressive slot game also offers a max payout of 1,500 coins per spin. Also, a total payout per player of 2,200 coins. They designed the Berryburst Max video slot for high rollers, but you can also play the game in classic mode.

This associate with high risk and high volatility. It is something that everyone with the NetEnt MAX slot should keep in mind. If you want to play a slot that has higher volatility, then you should try Berry burst MAX.

Chapter 3 

You can give Berry Burst MAX a spin for free for slots in the temple or you can give it to yourself. Berry Burst MAX is not as easy to play as the other NetEnt MAX slots. But, it is still a great option for those who can and will be available by the end of the month. You can get Berry to do the spin you design for yourself, either for the slotters in Temple or for you, for free.

You can start a session of Berryburst Max slots by opening an Aspers Casino online account. You can sign up for a new one at any time. You can play the slot game online anytime, 24 hours a day, and even start your session with Berry Burst MAX Slot once you get your Aspers Casino.

Chapter 4

You will find many popular slot machines online on mobile. But, one slot machine that is worth a visit is the Berryburst Max Slot. If you look at the slot machines in most online casinos, you will find that there is a title known as BerryBurst Max. If you like to play video slots with the potential to win big, then you will love this one. As with all online slots, there are standard rules of play. So, if you enjoy the video slot machine with the potential to win big, you will love it too. For those of you who like to play slots, you can also see the NetEnt slots of the same name.

You can play Berryburst Max online slots at any of the casinos listed below. There you can also play it on the NetEnt website. Find out how to play NetEnt’s Berryburst Max slots, the best casinos you can play at. Also, find out how expanding the number of slots on the Secret Slots website and BerryBurst MAX pays off for you. Now that you know about the good slots on-site at Berry Bursts MAX, you can try the game. Do it at Secret Slots and take advantage of this amazing welcome offer.


All in all, the Berryburst MAX slots have a similar return per player as the original slot machine. But, the possible max payouts are much greater. The winning slot in classic mode offers the highest winning potential. If you have the money to splash, it will interest you. This is the first in a series of MAX slots, so it’s likely to be the most popular of its kind in Berry Bursts’ current line – up. With each spin, this video slot increases the bet to 7,000 times. It has a max payout of 1,500 coins per spin.

Berryburst max review 2020
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Berryburst MAX is a new slot that has a different design than original, I would say better. This non-progressive slot game also offers a max payout of 1,500 coins per spin. It gives players a chance to win big. It is not as easy to play it as the other NetEnt MAX slots, but it allows you to opt for free play and try. All in all, If you want to play a slot that has higher volatility, then you should try Berryburst MAX.