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Conan Video Slot is the long-awaited branded slot machine. They based it on the famous literary and cinematic character. The game uses a 6-reel layout, which is rather unusual for NetEnt and its Cluster Reels series to play the game.Read on to find out how to play and win with Conan Slot. Conan is a game with fixed bet lines and fixed lines. There are features such as stacked, spread, and connected reels in the wild, as well as free spins.Conan has all the hallmarks of a NetEnt classic. The sheer quantity and quality of the features will not let players down.

The Journey

Conan Video Slot is one of the most anticipated games this year. Big hype has been happening around this game for some time. There was teasing the release date, gameplay of the game, and even the name of its title.

Chapter 1

Welcome to the hybrid age of magic and treasure where the disappearance of the mythical continent of Atlantis occurs. It produces heroes and barbaric warriors alike. Welcome to NetEnts look at what you can get for your sword and your sandals in this game. Start your search and play the game today. We hope you will have a great time exploring the vast land. Also, discovering the secrets behind the symbols and many free spins.

Chapter 2

For those of you who do not know Conan, he is a fictional sword and magical hero. He is invented by writer Robert E. Howard in 1932. Most often people associate him with a 1982 fantasy adventure film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Its strong cult following has created a character-driven brand at NetEnt. It enjoys a strong fan base of its own as well as fans from around the world.It has the same feel as the 1982 hit film and it also comes with all the features. That includes the original sound effects, sound design, music, and even a few new ones.Conan the Barbarian has been one of the most popular comic book characters of all time for several decades. It is an integral part of the game. Now NetEnt has taken the opportunity to reinvent the slot format story. The apocalyptic tone of this staged film captures all the makeovers given to this story. That tone transposes the story to the young adult stage of Conans life. The game has spared details and the graphics do not disappoint, it looks fantastic.

Chapter 3

This theme includes the story of the barbarian Conan, which appeared in books and films. It features impressive graphics and introduces new and exciting gameplay that attracts players. Although Conan Video Slot is a NetEnt product, it also has its own rules and features.You play the game with a breathtaking view of a snowy village. It is available in a variety of colors, from red, white, blue, green, yellow, red, and blue. With players glued to the screen, Conan Slot is a crafted title full of unique characters. Also, unique game mechanics.Among the symbols you will love, in the game are Conan (Valeria Troth) and Amon (Helmet). They wrestle with hooks, swords, falcons, snakes, and lions.

Chapter 4

Once you start hitting the mystery symbols and free spins, you will want to get into the game. The game offers players a variety of options, from the classic wins to the more exotic away options. The 243 Ways to Win is one of the most popular options in the NetEnts Conan slot line. There are a lot of fun options to choose from.Above all, the bonus rounds are fun and lucrative when it comes to you (bonus points, for example), as well as a lot of fun.

Chapter 5

No matter how you decide to play, the game looks great and you can play on any platform. You can spin Conan Slot NetEnt with a tablet, smartphone, or PC. Only make sure you download the software before you play so you can play it on all platforms.You can also play the game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 as well as the PS4 and PS Vita.


In conclusion, Conan the Barbarian is another exciting and well-designed slot machine. I am a big fan of Conan.With a high RTP, there is every reason to make Conan the centerpiece of your next spinning session. Conan is the way to pay for a 6-reel, 24-payline video, so check it out on NetEnt today and see if you could be a winner. It is very attractive and a great addition to the NetEnts slot machine line. I like that it has a good selection of options and a lot of fun options, as well.


All in all, graphics, theme, unique characters and game mechanics make Conan the Barbarian slot machine worth your time. There is also a variety of fun options to choose from. Because of a high RTP, there is no reason not to try it.

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All in all, graphics, theme, unique characters and game mechanics make Conan the Barbarian slot machine worth your time. There is also a variety of fun options to choose from. Because of a high RTP, there is no reason not to try it.