Divine fortune

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NetEnt provided Divine Fortune, one of the most popular online gambling sites in the UK. It is a great source of free spins. It offers many features and the chance of a big win. Your free spin can be the lucky one in a jackpot bonus round and it could change your life forever. Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner Divine Fortune can be a game worth your wager.

Get ready to play all the time with this Greek mythology-themed slot from NetEnt. It combines stunning creatures with the beauty of ancient Greece. Divine Fortune takes on the role of Pegasus who rules the reel as you expand and spin it. Free spins can lead to wins up to 1,600 times per bet. You can seek heavenly rewards. Do it by fending off cruel creatures like the Minotaur and Medusa.


The journey

The Divine Fortune slots offer several special features. Many of them are exclusive to NetEnt slots. Divine Happiness is an Ancient Greek slot machine, packed with games that are fun to play for all ages.

Chapter 1


NetEnt designed Divine Fortune slots to deliver some of the best graphics. You will love to see Medusa, Lion and other characters come to life. Whether you catch a glimpse of a flying Pegasus or enjoy it at a top-rated casino, Divine fortune is entertainment with countless prizes. Topics of Greek mythology exciting, it is a game you should spend your money on, whether you like it or not.

There are many features and rewards in Divine Fortune slot machines. They are in line with the trends in the iGaming world. Wild re-spin features have dropped and the wilderness has expanded. It has helped the popularity of the game itself.


Chapter 2


Divine Fortune is rich in special features. They are including a shot at three jackpots. It also offers non-stop entertainment and excitement. It is a video slot from Net Entertainment that features Re-Spins Falling Wild.

Besides  Re-Spins mode, there is the Jackpot Bonus Feature that can give you up to 60,000 coins. It contains 3 progressive jackpots (three!). Then there is the Free Spins Feature and Bonus Games. These 12 free spins, along with the extended wilds, offer an extra re-spin to juice your winnings.


Chapter 3


If a Wild symbol falls, you will get a free re-spin, which gives you the chance to win several times in the same spin. Wilds that trigger the “Fall to the wilds” feature (or “Re-Spin”) increase your win in the base game. If you are lucky enough to have won several times in a row, the Wild will move to one of your lines. Then you have a chance of winning free spins if you hit 3 or more Bonus symbols in a row on the reel without triggering the extended Wilds.

One or two of these will be of no use to you. So, take three or more to play the jackpot bonus game and have a chance to win a mini, main, or a mega progressive jackpot. The jackpots and bonus symbols are gold coins and matching the symbols reward you with wins.

While there is no guarantee that you will win the Mega Jackpot, the fun that comes with playing it is what sets it apart. It explains how to play baccarat and why it is the best Highest Payout casino games.


Chapter 4


In the Jackpot Bonus game, there is a fixed payline and a localized progressive jackpot is up for grabs. Divine Fortune is available for $1,000 in fixed jackpots, $2,500 in bonuses and $3,600 is progressive.

There are 20 mandatory paylines at Divine Fortune and the min bet per spin is PS0.20, the max is PS100. The mega jackpot (the progressive) will not go into the millions. But, you will be able to buy something big, like a new car or a house. Minor will always be a 20x bet. Major will always be a 100x bet and you will influence the betting size, so it won’t be millions.



In conclusion, the game has everything a slot machine player could wish for. It has a bonus game where you can win progressive jackpots. Also, it has a base game feature that includes wilds and re-spins. You can play the game on both mobile and desktops. Also, you can play progressive games on any device with a keyboard and mouse, as well as on a tablet or laptop.

As with any slot machine played with real money, Divine Luck means being willing to take risks. High  RTP combined with medium volatility keeps you in the game for as long as you want to play.

Divine fortune
Review of Divine fortune 2021
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Divine Fortune slot offers some special features and a high chance of winning. There are Re-Spins mode and Jackpot Bonus Feature that contains 3 progressive jackpots. Also, Free Spins Feature and Bonus Games. Except for interesting features, the game has great graphics. It has high RTP and medium volatility. So, you can play as much as you want and enjoy Divine Fortunes characteristics.