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Evolution Gaming never disappoints in its game development. Dragon Tiger in the first look is an exciting game for those who like to play casino games alone. It is not only easy to play, even for beginners, but you can control everything that happens in the game. Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular products of Evolution and still attracts huge crowds. I said it is easy to play but it is also easy to bet. So, Dragon Tiger is a simplified version of live baccarat that everyone can understand.

The Journey

Live Dragon Tiger is popular with Asian audiences, but European players also seem to have a soft spot for it. The live version makes Evolution Gaming one of the best in the world.There are only a few operators that offer live Dragon Tiger games to their players. It is best to stick to our trusted site.

Chapter 1

Evolution Gaming prides itself on being a staple of its games that other baccarat players will enjoy and like. This has proven true due to the popularity of one of the Dragon Tigers variants. It is the classic Live Dragon Tiger. This version of the game features an attractive live vendor in red Asian clothing. He is broadcasting in a traditional Asian environment. The Evolution also provides the game with two more side bets that players can use to improve the game. Dragon Tiger Live is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Evolution is famous for its live casino games that aim to please non-live players. Ego Dragon Tiger has the same rules as a live dealer game. That is because of their similar rules. Describing the game, the chief product officer said that the game has great support.

Chapter 2

Dragon Tiger was not the first live casino rerun of the popular card game. But, it was one of the first to have a popular and unique type of side bet as its primary mechanics. Players could use personalized bets and strategies for contemplation. Meanwhile, the pace of play did not slow for a second.In this way, Dragon Tiger provides players with an extra opportunity to have fun. Meanwhile, pushing the odds to their limits. As expected, the so-called suited tie has a narrow ratio of 860.2% RTP. Yet, it has great potential for a 50/1 payout.There is also a side bet featured in Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming. The only difference is that players have to guess which card of the same rank is in the same suit. If the player bets in the correct way, he receives half of his initial bet, while the payout is 11/1 if tied. If both players receive half of their initial wager in the correct way, the payout is 50-1.This gives the casino advantage in determining the gaming outcome. Your optional side bet pays 11/1. This can be beneficial for both players. One of the features of the game is the bookmark range and the tie option.

Chapter 3

The game deals with two cards, a dragon and a tiger. When dealing shoes, it uses 8 decks at once and switches to the one empty deck. As a player, you can bet on the position of the highest card. Kings are the highest cards and Aces the lowest. In each round, there are two cards from each side, and each player must guess which player will win the round. When someone plays Dragon Tiger, the player who had the correct guess of the betting side is higher on the card. When the betting is over, the live dealer reveals the cards and announces the results. Players can track the results of consecutive rounds as part of the user interface. This allows players to look at the so-called road trends. This increases the chances of certain head-to-head results.

Chapter 4

Dragon Tiger is a unique addition to the live dealer lineup of Evolution Gamings. It is not unique to have access to it in the live dealer format. Although, most developers focus on the basics when it comes to their live dealer game libraries. The HTML5 quality design of professional dealers reinforces the value that this game brings with its 3D images.In its European version, Dragon Tiger is often referred to as Casino Wars. But, it is also an Asian game that is particularly popular in Cambodia. It has gained immense popularity in land-based and online casinos. There, players love its strange simplicity and gaming speed.You can also play it for real money. The difference between Dragon Tiger and Casino Wars is that you can choose which cards are higher.If you want to play other games with Evolution Tiger. There is another free-to-play video game that you can use with Evolution Tiger. You can do that with what you call Baccarat: Live Dragon Tiger. It is a brand new free casino game that allows players to gamble on their own devices at full price. You can play it whenever you want. This is a free video game where you can do this.


All in all, we have great respect for Evolution Gaming company and they never stop impressing us. They have created a connection between table game fans and live casino visitors. By combining the two types of games, they allow players to get a taste of both worlds. Dragon Tiger Live is a game with unique characteristics.Although it has several advantages, there is one thing we criticize about the game. It has a risky RTP. The optimal RTP for first-person Dragon Tiger is 9,627, which is not bad. The bonus for suit and tie comes in at an unfavorable 8,602.


Dragon Tiger Live is a popular live game, especially in Asia. It offers a unique type of side bet as its primary mechanics. With its quality design and 3D images, it attracts players even more. If you want to try out your strategies and have a chance to win big, you should play it now.

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Dragon Tiger Live is a popular live game, especially in Asia. It offers a unique type of side bet as its primary mechanics. With its quality design and 3D images, it attracts players even more. If you want to try out your strategies and have a chance to win big, you should play it now.