Finn’s golden tavern

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I’ve been waiting a while for the sequel to Finn’s Swirly Spin and I’m thrilled they finally announced it. The original game and the new one, Finn’s Golden Tavern, have many similarities, but they are not the same.

Finn is back, but this is not a sequel, and that’s because the setting has changed. It’s a retelling of the story of a goblin who appeared in the hit game Finn’s Swirly Spin. Finn decides to take a trip back to his old homeland and pay a visit to the tavern. It is the oldest tavern of his childhood.

If you’ve been playing slot machines for a while, you may have already seen Finn’s Golden Tavern online. It is one of the most popular online slot machines in the game.


The journey


Your favorite flame – the hairy, happy goblin returns in this Irish themed slot. Giving yourself a lucky streak can lead to a big cash prize. Your adventure in Finn’s Golden Tavern’s slots begins when you take advantage of your welcome offer from the casino on this page.


Chapter 1


Nice lucky goblins are back, this time with the establishment of a pub, Finn’s Golden Tavern. There is a 5-reel video slot that you can play with the swirling avalanche reel. It appears in the original Finn Swirly Spin game, but there are several other extras. Extras include random winning coins. Also, a fist slam feature that turns losers into winners, and an advanced multiplier.
One of the most important things for players is that these slots offer the popular spiral reels. But, they come with a twist and use the much-loved swirling mechanics. You can expect two bonus rounds for playing in Finn’s Golden Tavern and one bonus round in the main game. Also, you can forget the final bonus round, triggering no sweepstakes in your main game. Still, you can come back for a chance to win a special bonus for your second spin of the game after that.


Chapter 2

Finn’s Golden Tavern brings back some of the most popular features and gives them a new twist. You’ll also want to experience the Fist Slam feature when you play its online slots. It is tiny online is a medium volatility game. It means there is a long gap of dry periods waiting for you before you are ready to win a spin, or even a bit of luck.

Finn’s Golden Tavern slot machines also feature a free spin. You trigger it is by landing a treasure chest in the central position. Finn bangs his fist against the table, causing gold coins to shift to make a profit.

Forget spinning, as you release an increasing multiplier the further you play and the higher your score is. An avalanche of random features is coming at you to help you win and have fun. There’s no need to get preoccupied with the randomness of the game. You will need a bit of luck.

Chapter 3


Compared to the previous version, it has fewer features. It resulted in less disruptive gameplay. Also, a more enjoyable experience for fans of the series.

You play the slots one way, left or right, and to win you must land three of the same symbol on the reel. When you place the chest symbol at a position in the middle of the reel, you trigger a random coin win.

I always recommend you to play 150 – 200 demo spins before deciding whether you want to bet real money on a slot machine. You can play Finn’s Golden Tavern’s slots in a variety of different ways. In the spectrum from a traditional slot machine to an arcade gambling game.

Chapter 4


This time it’s about taking five steps. This time it’s about the wilderness in the form of a three-way fight. The fight is between Finn, Finn’s boyfriend, and his wife Anna.

The combined features of the spiral reels offer you a great gaming experience and adventure. Taken together, the themes, graphics, and sounds take you on an immersive journey.

Chapter 5


The newest NetEnt slot in the game is the Cluster Pay mechanic. It delivers good results when 3 or more matching symbols land in your field of vision. The drink served at Finn’s Golden Tavern is a game that pays five times the bet size for 5 symbols on the screen. Each star symbol is like a wild symbol. You can see this in action by using the “star” and “wild” symbols as well as the star symbols themselves.

If you like the Cluster Pay slot, there is an “X-factor” that makes your game enjoyable, and that is the NetEnt slot.




All in all, Finn’s Golden Tavern, offered by Net Entertainment, is a sequel to Finn’s Swirly Spin. It is a great addition to the series. All the action in Finn’s golden Tavern’s slots takes place using the spiral spin mechanics. But, one slot featuring a 5-reel video slot and a 2-reel slot is an exception.

Finn’s Golden Tavern online slots are playable for 0.10 credits and have an RTP of 96 – 10, so look forward to it. Set in your local Tavern, Gold Coins, and Ale – related symbols swirl around a 5×5 grid.

Finns golden tavern
Review of Finns golden tavern 2021
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Finns Golden Tavern slots offer the popular spiral reels, also features a free spin. It has similarities with the original game, but it is more enjoyable. All that together with the interesting themes, graphics, and sounds. It makes a great addition to the series. It is one of the most popular online slot machines in the game with a high RTP of 96 – 10.