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ย Introduction

Hotline Slot Machine is a new game from NetEnt that takes you back to the 1980s. This retro slot machine will keep you entertained from the first spin. Hotline Slot by NetEnt sums up the decade of the 80s in an entertaining and amusing way. The inspiration for the game was Miami Vice that was on the TV. We loved it because we like our cars fast and deliver justice without a side of irreverent cop show humour. The plot unfolds as the game goes on, but it’s all about the fun.

The journey

Read the full Hotline Slots report below for all the information you need to decide on this slot. You can also try it out and play it in demo mode, practice your moves and try to learn the features or for fun. Read Hotline 2 review and our full Hotline slots review below for more information about the game. There is all the information you need about the slot machine!

Chapter 1

The Hotline is an exciting slot machine. It can also derive from the short animated video that starts the game. Hotlines are reels where a detective plays a series of cards in a criminal raid. They appear to form a matching pattern that you pay to win each spin. You must activate at least one hotline. It is a horizontal zone that expands into a Wild symbol that lands on the entire reel as soon as it lands.

In a way, the majority consider Hotline a video slot with several variations. With the addition of its Bonus Bet feature, it has become what it is. It means that the game will have an appeal to different types of players. Slot machines form a diverse group of players, so it is not suitable for every type of game.

Chapter 2

As promised and explained, Hotline Casino Slot Online has a ton of features. But, the main feature is its Bonus Bet feature, where you choose how many lines you want to use on the hotline. There is also a free play feature where you can get up to 7 free spins, and there is also the option to play them for real money. You can play Hot Line for free in the demo version and if you enjoy it, NetEnt, you should also watch the sequel Hot Line 2.

With each extra bet, players can activate Hotline’s bonus bet. They can select extra hotlines to increase their chances of winning. That way they have the best chance to cover the role in the wilderness. Players in Hot Line slots can also select and increase all their bets. They can do it by increasing the chances of landing an expansion reel on the reels. Also, increasing their bet to win the expanding Wild to have a good chance of covering the reels in Wilds.

Chapter 3

The Hotline Slot Bonus Bet feature allows players to select extra hotlines. If they choose another one, they must place 30 coins per bet. The hotline slot action is now centred on the fact that you can activate it without affecting the total bet. You can play 1, 2, or 3 hotlines. If a player activates all three hotlines, he or she only has to enter a bet of 30 coins for each of these lines totalling 50 coins.

You can also enjoy the random hotline function. It selects the 1,2 or 3-reel hotline zone to an extended wild. Players can choose many hotlines to increase their chances of winning more of the extended “jokers”. They have the option to trigger the Hot Line Bonus Bet Feature at any time during their re-spin. Given that the free spin of a hotline slot can take up to 150 spins to trigger, this is a lifeline on a slimmer, mean road. Hotlines also offer bonus bets, meaning that you can select any hotline and the joker appears on the reel.


All in all, Hotline is a decent slot at NetEnt that is unique and is taking as back to the 1980s. If you’re a fan of this type of cartoon slot machine, you can visit Sticky Joker slots to try out a similar cartoon-like game. A bit of luck and a bit of old-fashioned gaming should do the trick.


Hotline slot review 2020
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Hotline Slot from NetEnt is a retro slot machine that has a lot of features.

You can select bonus bets if you like. While the main action takes place at the NetEnt Hotline slot, there is also a hot feature. This increases your chances of winning at the Expanding Wilds Re-Spin. It’s a wonderful promotion that works with the slot machine. If you find all 3 scatter symbols, you can activate the free spins bonus on the Hotline slot. Then you get 7 free spins for your enjoyment. Help Jack escape the giants at hotline casino on Tuesday. Also, grab a bunch of wonderful promotions that work for this slot!