Imperial riches

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Travel to the Far East and enter a world of glamour and serenity through NetEnt slots. Imperial Riches promises luck in the Jackpot Bonus Game. There you can win up to five jackpots, three of which are progressive jackpots.

When players spin the reel, they conclude that there is no better place in the world than Imperial Riches. The Asian slot machine theme welcomes you to a beautiful view. It’s a view of the Koi Pond with its beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.


The journey


Imperial Riches is free – to – fixed pay game – an outline of $1,000 for a single spin. Matching symbols pay out the wins. They drop down from the top and remove winning symbols from the reel. After that, they replace them with new symbols. It is allowing for consecutive wins in single spins.


Chapter 1


Imperial Riches have two parts: the “Free Spins” bonus, which awards 40 free spins, and the $1,000 bonus. You can also play the slot machine for free with a bonus of $2,500 for a single spin or $3,200 for two spins.

It has a total prize pool of $3,000, which is pretty generous for a slot machine. But, with only $1.5 million in the bank, it’s still a good deal.


Chapter 2


The cascading reel of slot machines has something fun about it. It gives you the feeling that you get value for your money by winning every spin. You want to get all the bonuses in the game so you get a good idea of where the jackpot set off.

Imperial Riches slots feature a variety of different types of slot machines. Each machine has its unique characteristics.


Chapter 3


NetEnt manages to add all the symbols and graphics you need for the good feeling you get when playing the game. The more symbols you drop from above, the greater the chances of winning the Imperial Riches.

About winning potential, you get a reel filled with golden fish symbols to fill. They are high-quality symbols. This is much funnier and more interactive. It is because you can win prizes and you have to feed the fish to determine what the progressive jackpot will be. The game does a great job of keeping players happy as they spin the reel. It does everything while keeping the player happy as it spins them.


Chapter 4


The five different jackpots add something to the game. I’m sure some lucky players are waiting for their chance to sneak into the garden and play for free, like me. Learn more about the NetEnt jackpot below. It will intrigue you if you’re interested in giving it a run for your money with Imperial Riches.

The big chances of winning arise from the jackpot game. Also, the progressive jackpot is worth more than that. It features a lot of high-quality goldfish symbols. That is the key when you play Imperial Riches in a popular online casino that has a lot of players. Progressive jackpots are much higher than those hit in Mega Fortune and also in NetEnt.


Chapter 5


Players will do well out of five jackpot prizes. It also includes a lot of free falls and free spins triggered by scattered lantern symbols. Of course, Imperial Riches slot machines also feature wild symbols. There is representing gong symbols that land on top of the slot machine as well as on many other devices.

NetEnt equipped Imperial Riches slots with an interesting Free Falls bonus mode. It takes the player further into gambling mode Lucky Pond as a bonus. Besides, this game has a max of three consecutive wins. It means that players can enjoy a total of five consecutive days of consecutive wins. It is also important to mention that all games feature rewarded progressive jackpots.




This online video slot game is capable of producing progressive jackpots. It is, also, offering players enormous winning opportunities. Imperial Riches is one of the most popular online casino games in the world. It is offering players free spins and bonus rounds. This is a dream come true for players. They can enjoy high-quality goldfish symbols. Also, they packed the game with high-quality jackpot games and free spins.

All in all, the Imperial Riches video slots offer a mix of high-risk and low-risk gaming options. It is interesting for players of all ages.

It is an interesting online slot game that combines some great features that I like.

Imperial riches
Review of Imperial riches 2021
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Imperial Riches online video slot gives a lot of winning opportunities. It’s offering free spins and bonus rounds which makes it one of the most popular online video slots in the world. Besides, all symbols and graphics make you feel good during playing the game.

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