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Monopoly Live is a live dealer game show consisting of a live host spinning a big Monopoly money wheel. If you want to play Monopoly Live, click the play button on this page. So, there are three different bonus rounds here: chance, 2-roll, and 4-roll. It gives the chance to win multiplier and roll bonuses. This live game takes you back to the virtual Monopoly table where you have the chance to win big money.

The Journey

Monopoly Live is the latest live game in town. It is one of the most popular board games in the world, developed by software giant Evolution Gaming. Monopoly Live combines Dream Catchers and Money Wheel to create the first beautiful board game in the world. The game includes many unique elements. Those elements are 3D bonus rounds, amazing entertainment. There is also the chance of a huge multiplier win for the player.

Chapter 1

The studio and hosts of Money Wheel Live Animation will take you back to the great times. Those are times when we played Monopoly with family and friends. But, before we delve into the deep game, let us take a look at the Money Wheel and the bonus games.The host and hostess turn the wheel and we wait until it comes to a halt. Monopoly presents cards that give instant cash and prize multipliers. The pen stops at one number and you receive your winnings if you bet on the number of countries in this segment. If you land a 2 or a 4 on the roll, you trigger a bonus game.

Chapter 2

The payouts in Monopoly Live are easy to remember. They have 54 segments divided into seven results: 1, 2, 5, 10, chance, 2 throws, 4 throws, and so on. Bonus games are features with more exciting multipliers than the usual landings. For example, usual are Community Chest, Jail Chance, Taxes, Utility Pass, Double Multiplier. After each bonus game, collect the payouts and return to the wheel.In our opinion, the best Monopoly Live strategy is to place a bet as early as possible. Also, bet often, and never miss a 2 or 4 roll bet. This way, you never miss the chance to take part in the bonus games. Also, the bonus wheel activates Monopoly bonus games. With real money prizes and crazy multipliers, bonus games represent a great chance for big wins.

Chapter 3

Monopoly Live will be broadcast live from the Evolution Gaming Studio in Europe. A live dealer hosts the game who spins the wheel and interacts with the players. When the dealer Mr. Monopoly and the game go to another level, it activates the 3D game. The Evolution Game Studio itself has superior technology. This is essential for live casino games with 3D segments like this one.As I mentioned, real human traders run it. They interact with players in real-time via a high-resolution web connection. Monopoly Live is an evolution of the game title, a live streaming game, a fun bonus game. Also, it has an excellent return for players. If you ever played Monopoly, you know what to expect from a live casino game. But, it comes with a few key spins that appeal to fans of the board game and the original Mr. Monopoly will love.

Chapter 4

The Monopoly aspect of the game is great fun and the graphics and bonus rounds are superb. Monopoly Live is one of the better Monopoly casino games. We want you to enjoy the fun of this game and put 10p. Be aware that the game is coming thick and fast. So, keep an eye on how long you spend on making bets and decide to double your bets.Yet, it is the remaining 6 segments that distinguish Monopoly Live from other Wheel of Fortune games. These segments comprise two random squares, three 2 roll squares, and a 4 roll segment. During the pointer stop and random segments, players receive cash prizes and win multiplier bonuses.

Chapter 5

What makes Monopoly Live a world-class level is its wonderful graphics. The background of the big Monopoly board is a cartoon-like city with moving cars. There are also balloons and airplanes which are nice. The studio has a talkative presenter who is very entertaining. He turns the money wheel and fits in with the striking Monopoly designs. The biggest highlight is the Monopoly guy. He is sitting behind the wheel, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. The host adds a lot of fun to the experience. It is an interesting feature to pay a huge amount for, but all in all, it is a fantastic game.You will also notice the precision and fantastic design of the money wheel. The money wheel works like a classic money wheel. It spins, it stops, and a certain segment determines the outcome of the game. I am not surprised that the wheel is a tailor-made evolution of gaming spin, thanks to an engine. Engine activates when the moderator is on.

Chapter 6

Do not play Dream Catcher at the same time as Monopoly. You can get better payouts on Dream Catchers by waiting for the bonus rounds to beat Monopoly Live. Bet on the wheel at Dream Catcher before you do anything else. In Live is the only place where you can place a bet during the bonus segments 2-Roll and 4-Roll.If there is a disadvantage of Monopoly, it is that the RTP is somewhat low. Betting numbers 2-10 is good for an RTP of 96, which is more than the four other betting options that go for 91.30 to 92.90. Otherwise, the game is amazing and it is a good candidate for the Game of the Year award.


All in all, this is a charming game that harbors all the excitement of the Monopoly Live bonus rounds. Remember that you can bet on 2 or 4 rolls in the bonus rounds. No wheel could stop you in this game. The bonus rounds are an experience like nothing else.If you feel intimidated by serious table games and live casinos, we have good news for you. Monopoly Live is an evolution of gaming design. This is a casino game that makes augmented reality games more exciting. A charming game moderated by a man, the game spins a wheel on a fantastic virtual board with 3D bonus rounds.


Monopoly Live, as the name says, is a live game with extraordinary graphics and bonus features. It offers you a chance of winning big money and has many advantages compared to other live games. Monopoly Live is very popular, for a good reason, so if you did not, I recommend you to try it now.

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Monopoly Live, as the name says, is a live game with extraordinary graphics and bonus features. It offers you a chance of winning big money and has many advantages compared to other live games. Monopoly Live is very popular, for a good reason, so if you did not, I recommend you to try it now.