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For this year’s Christmas special, developer NetEnt has decided to tackle one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time. It is Santa vs Rudolph, an offshoot of the popular video game series Santa and Rudolph. Watch and spin the reel as Santa tries to get his hat back and unlock magical rewards as the story unfolds.


The journey


Get your Christmas gifts early, check out the free demo. Give Santa and Rudolf gifts for $20 per payline to play. Santa is about to deliver, but he and Rudolph seem to have a bit of a tiff, so he goes to the casino for you to play it.


Chapter 1


In the tradition of NetEnt, Santa vs Rudolph is a reuse of an existing slot from Invisible Man. They released it in 2014. If you can help Santa get his hat back from Rudolf, you will see him return to the North Pole with a new hat. Santa and Rudolph are Joker – wandering symbols. They appear in a free-spinning reel from which they can land.

Santa Claus does not want to leave the North Pole without a hat. He waits to hand over the presents, but the scene is so magical because Rudolf takes his hat.


Chapter 2


The name of the previous game is Invisible Man. If you played NetEnt’s previous game, the Santa Vs Rudolf slot machine will surprise you. Sometimes it’s better to play a game that surprises you. There’s a fun anti-Christmas theme and you get a lot of walking wilds and free spins, so there’s no profit here.

The new Christmas slot machine has a lot of Christmas games to choose from. Santa Claus vs. Rudolf slots is one of the best. That is a fixed payline slot machine with free spins. Also, Walking Wilds, Free Spin, and Free paylines.

Fans of Invisible Man will know what to expect. In case you’ve never played this slot before, here’s a summary of the various features.


Chapter 3


Santa VS Rudolph is one of the best Christmas slots out there. The highest payout reaching over 200,000 coins. With 5 Rudolph Wilds scattered all over the reel, it is a great game with a lot of winning potential. It is also a bit of gambling.

The top prize of $100,000 could brighten up any Christmas this year, and you can play for as long as you want.


Chapter 4


The Christmas Gifts feature is an anarchic version of the classic Christmas slot machine. It has plenty of extras, including wild walking and a free spin. Walk wild, pick up prizes, and collect Wilds to get more free games that you can add to your Wilds. Wherever you go for a walk, you can also pick out free prizes and free spins of the game, so it’s quite a fun game.

Christmas gifts give players a bonus. The player with the most Christmas gifts can win at the end of each final round of the game. If they complete all 8 before the feature game ends, players will receive a Christmas gift. Also, a Rudolph gift, and a Rudolf gift for the next round. Every slot has something for everyone. Whether you’re hoping for a bit of holiday cheer or strolling through the wilderness.


Chapter 5


Santa Claus comes with a free-to-play mode. There you can receive gifts by winning 1 / 4 of the fixed jackpots, with the top prize being a cool bet. There are many ways to win prizes. Although free spins hold back for the first 5 rounds, along with two more bonuses. That can be quite rewarding.

You also have the “Free Spins” feature. There you only get 5 free spins, but Santa Claus in the wilderness can get 4 reels in a single free spin. Rest assured that you will be lucky if Santa’s sleigh travels through the city. The only way he can expand his wilderness is by showering you with chimneys and houses.


Chapter 6


Available on any device, you can enjoy gameplay for 20p or PS10 per spin. It is available on PS3, PS4, and PS5 and available for PS6 and higher. The game can switch back to Santa Claus against Rudolf Wilds for spins and free spins. To replenish one meter it uses the switch to the wilderness. It is triggering two more bonus features based on Santa and Rudolph.




Santa vs Rudolf from NetEnt is one of the best Christmas games out there right now. It is definitely worth your time. Santa Kiss and Booming Games behave Christmas. They offer music and pictures around the international Christmas and its many traditions.

E – O – Matic becomes Jingle Spins. The clone got his name after a popular Christmas song from the original game Santa vs Rudolph. The name of the song is Christmas at the North Pole. NetEnt has been with this game for years and it is one of the best Christmas games of all time.

Santa vs rudolf
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Santa vs Rudolph is one of the best Christmas slots out there. It offers many interesting features. There are, for example, The Christmas Gifts feature and Free spins. Its available on any device and has the top prize of $100,000. All in all, it’s a very interesting game with high winning potential.

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