Scudamores super stakes

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This review will help you understand why NetEnt had the inspiration to make this slot machine game. The name of it is Scudamore Super Stakes. The best two in the world combine the concept of horse racing with the properties of slot machines. They launched it before the 2019 Cheltenham Festival. Super Stakes is a slot experience that only Net Ent could produce.

Some bonus features do a great job of combining horse racing with the slot machine’s gameplay. It is combining elements that racing fans will love with a solid gaming engine. That will appeal to even the most seasoned slot veterans. This slot machine exceeds expectations and the standard understanding of a slot machine. So, you will love it.

The journey

Read our review to find out how NetEnt has combined horse racing with exciting slot action. If you like to play video slots, this game is definitely for you, even if you are not a fan of horses.

Chapter 1

NetEnts online slots characteristics are in both halves of the game. It allows players to win up to 1,242 times their wager. The Scudamore Super Stakes online slot takes you from the start to the second screen. There you see four horses and jockeys in their colorful silks. Betting slips stand out from the two side windows on the right of the game board. It will be familiar to anyone who has ever been to a horse race. Our review team discovered a lot of blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, and blue Jockey symbols in this slot.

You can play this unique slot can with up to 20 paylines. They packed them with colorful symbols associated with horse racing. Forget the fixed paylines and stacked symbols, including the Wilds, which shows a man – on – a man.

Chapter 2

One of the things our review team discovered during our first round of this online slot is that colors play an important role. They are important when it comes to the payout of symbols and bonus rounds. Purple, red, and green jockeys and horses are the highest paid symbols in this slot. Traditional playing card symbols are among the lowest-paid symbol slots. Another thing is the use of blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, and blue jockey symbols.

The side bets in the slips game can have a payout rate of 96% to 99%. An interesting bonus feature is that casino visitors have the chance to buy slips.

Chapter 3

The slot captures the essence of horse racing. It gives the player a higher bet, so the 5,000x winnings are worth trying. The game comes with a four-horse race where you have to pick a horse to win the race. If that horse comes through, you could win the bet 5000x. If you bet on the right horse, you can bet on one of the four horses you bet against to either win a race or win 5,000 times the bet.

You can win big here anyway, but you can still take home a decent victory on the track. There is no progressive jackpot in the Scudamore Super Stakes. But, there is a good chance you will find some progressive local jackpots.

Chapter 4

They delivered Scudamore’s Super Stakes looks with the right stakes. But, don’t expect many small wins to keep your bankroll going. Watch out for more information on how to use your Scud Amores Super Stakes slot. It can deplete Bankroll funds and if you’re looking for a longer game to get bonus rounds. Scudsamores Super Stake has a high rate for its high-quality gaming engine. Also for great gameplay, high-quality betting options, and great bonus features.
As you can see, Scudamore’s Super Stakes slot has an RTP of 96% to 99%. There is a max payout of $100,000 for a single bet or $1,500 for the entire game. As with NetEnt slots, the Scudamores Super Stakes slot has a massive RTP with a payout rate of 99.5%. Look at the scud Amore super stakes. From behind you see 96.11% for one of the highest-paid slots games in the world as well as the second-highest payout.


It’s an interesting concept and NetEnt has managed to transfer the spirit of horse racing quite well to the slot format here. If you like horse games, our experts believe you will love to play with bonus money and race your bankroll as well. If this slot proves to be a good option to meet your wagering requirements, the slot machine will work well for your purposes. Even if horse racing is not your thing, you can still appreciate the fun gameplay of the slots.

If you want to play the Scudamore Super Stakes slot for real money prizes, you must sign up. So, sign up for a NetEnt casino near you to play the deposit version of it. Want to see a real horse race that can reward you with a $1000x bet but play in the deposit version.

Scudamores super stakes slot review 2020
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The Scudamore Super Stakes is a new slot game from NetEnt with colorful symbols. The game comes with a four-horse race where you have to pick a horse to win the race. It has a high rate for its high-quality gaming engine. There are great gameplay, high-quality betting options, and great bonus features. So, it can be fun for you even if you donโ€™t like horses.