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Super Sic Bo is an Evolution Gaming creation that takes up an ancient Chinese game. Also, it throws a little dynamite into the mix. As the little brother of craps casinos, Chinese Sic Bo has gained traction in both online and live casinos. In short, it is a straightforward game in which players bet on the outcome of a roll of three regular dice. Add win multipliers and a random selection of results to the game and it is wonderful.

The Journey

Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming is the Power Edition of the popular Chinese dice game. It is easy and straightforward to play. Best of all, young and old love it and want to try their luck.

Chapter 1

Super Sic Bo they perform in a purpose-built studio in Riga. Dealers sit around a small table, and a dice shaker stands nearby. The Shaker, without much imagination, resembles what you would find in a popular board game like Frustration. This live casino game you can play on the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Traveling or rolling the dice online, there is always a chance to win big with multiplier payouts. Like in the mobile version of the game, you will enjoy a beautiful and smooth gameplay experience. It comes with crisp and clear graphics.

Chapter 2

The game is simple, but the beautiful and challenging aspect of the game is betting. The betting grid is quite complex and you bet on the possible outcomes of three dice. Whether smaller or larger, you bet on the result of the dice. Let us look at the betting appetite and possible bets so you can choose the strategy that suits you best.Triple: You can bet on the outcome of the game if all three dice have the same result. Odds: This is one of the safest bets in the game. You can place your bet either on the total outcome of the three dice or on the odds.

Chapter 3

You can see a study example of how difficult it is to make a combination of three dice that receive a large payout. Place your bets on the Sic Bo game board. Drag your chips onto the digital betting board on your screen.Super Sic Bo has a simple bet and dice. The player bets on the Super Sic Bo layout and the moderator rolls the dice. If the result of the dice matches the bet, the player collects his winnings.

Chapter 4

Players must predict the outcome of the dice by selecting one or more combinations. Three dice with values of 1, 2, and 6 can use in the game. The interesting thing about software Evolution Gaming is its play with random multipliers.The fact that you can make 1,000 times your bet is excellent. As you can guess, bets tend to offer you the best potential return, and many players prefer to stick to their bets. The game has several cool features such as multipliers.

Chapter 5

If you are a professional player, you will love this new version of the game. That said, the development of the game has made it easier for new players to catch up and learn how to play the game.When it comes to excitement, Evolution Gaming sometimes has several games that feature in some way to provide max thrills. For example, the moment the result determines, a multiplier appears. This increases player excitement and adds another dimension to classic Sic Bo games. You get multipliers when bets are close together. It ensures that results are impossible to manipulate.

Chapter 6

The biggest attraction of Evolutions versus traditional Chinese games is the random multipliers. They can add to certain bets. But, not all bets can have these multipliers. For example, if you play at least risky level bets, you cannot expect to enjoy multipliers at all.Fans of classic Sic Bo casino games often have the same problem as roulette players. There are enough bets that do the same thing over and over again. To remedy this, Evolution Live Super Sic Bo tries to confuse things with a system of multipliers.

Chapter 7

The cage is the device used by the game dealer to shake the sic bo dice before each roll. After a clear settlement of the bets, the table returns the chips to their rightful owners. Then the winner is back in the house.Like most casino games, re-betting in the game of Sic Bo is very common. Re is slang for placing the same bet at the same value as in the previous round. A name for a single number bet is a single bet. There are fifteen possible combinations of duo bets in this game.In triple bets, an impressive 1,000-fold multiplier appears. Apart from the multipliers, Live Super Sic Bo is a casino game that does not offer much in the way of specifics. But, it does have some strange peculiarities that you need to take into account.

Chapter 8

If you are looking for an above-average return, Super Sic Bo is not the game for you. The theoretical RTP (Return per Player) for this game is 97.22%. This is lower than European roulette (97.3%). Also, much lower than the European version of blackjack (which reaches 99.6%). So, conservative playing is the perfect strategy. If you want a unique, fun bet with the potential for huge payouts, you could do better than try this game. An RTP of 97, for bets in the 9.5% range, you could predict.


With the rise of live casino games, new and interesting Sic Bo variants have become available. If you prefer a simple, no-frills game with a live dealer, Sic Bo is for you. Some Sic Bo players prefer to make several bets. They are mixing high-probability low-payout bets with some likely lucrative bets. It is not a surefire Sic Bo strategy, but it is worth thinking about. Super Sic Bo is a game with big wins. A bespoke studio with three dice to shake, you bet on any possible outcome. It is a simple game, but you will learn after a few rounds how it works.There are so many possible outcomes. But, smart and strategic bets have absolute priority. You will have a lot of fun trying to figure out the patterns and trends of each bet. So, it has entertaining simplicity.


Super Sic Bo is a Chinese live game that is worth trying. The game is simple, but the betting grid is complex. It attracts players because of the random multiplier. With it, there is always a chance for a big win. It may not have a big RTP but if you like unique, simple but interesting games, you should try this one.

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Super Sic Bo is a Chinese live game that is worth trying. The game is simple, but the betting grid is complex. It attracts players because of the random multiplier. With it, there is always a chance for a big win. It may not have a big RTP but if you like unique, simple but interesting games, you should try this one.