The wolf’s bane

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Read our Wolf – Bane Slot Review to learn more about the title of NetEnt. It offers an extended version of the original game with new rules. This game has the potential to have a huge impact on the game world and the gaming community as a whole. So, I recommend you to get involved.

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The journey


A new game from Net Entertainment has what it calls the “Wolf’s Bane” slot. It excites me to play with it in the next few weeks.


Chapter 1


Werewolf Hunter based slot machine brings plenty of thrills by using symbols. That includes a wounded soldier, a wolf, and even a Wolf’s Bane. Besides, you can deliver an Ace, King, Queen, or Jack in the Werewolf Hunter video slot. That works very well with the Werewolf Hunter video slot.

You get wins for matching symbols. Also, you can make three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reel to start you.

Chapter 2


It isn’t for the faint-hearted people. Wolf’s Bane slot is a dark and sinister game that takes you to an 18th-century village. In the game, shifting werewolf is bringing chaos and distraction on a full moon. The tormenting villagers help bring the bloodthirsty animal under control. The betting on the “bane” of the wolf is adjustable, and although there are many options, I found it the most fun to bet on.

Besides the horror-themed slots, there are cruel features. They make you howl with joy, and make you shudder. Spectacular animations and terrifying sound effects make you fear for your life. At the same time, you are winning 500 bets delivers free spins and in-game tips. Win 500 times on bets and spins along the way and you will get shivers run down your spine!


Chapter 3


The game selects four different “Wild” features that can appear anywhere on the reel. There is plenty of wild in the base game. The free spins are fun and enliven the game. They are providing a multiplier for wilderness spread and expansion. The click bonus comes often enough to fill a blood bank, so click Stop and expand the wilderness.

Each slot comes with a free spin that lets you start in a selection of four different wilds. The Wolf’s Bane is the first game in the series with no fixed pay – and one of the best free games out there.

You activate a Free Spins Bonus when three Full Moon symbols appear on the reel.


Chapter 4


At medium variance, the most you can win with spins and free spins is the time at stake. Big wins take a long time to spin on the reel. The most profitable spin is occurring during the free spins bonus rounds. If you decide to take this risk – for free and later – you must decide whether to play for real money or an online casino.

You can play the spooky slot machines for real money in an online casino, or on your device for 10p (PS100) per spin. You can play on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The ability of Wolf S Bane to play creepier slot machines with real money in online casinos will scare you.


NetEnt is proud that the return per player (RTP) is 96.74, making it one of the best free poker games on the market. Wolf’s Bane is a game with a fixed bet line, a scatter triggering 10 free spins, and a random number generator. I must admit that I am not an expert in all games. But, I am a bit of an expert in the game of poker, especially in Wolf’s Bane.

The Wolf’s Bane is a designed werewolf – a themed video game with a unique twist. In the game, they have removed the decision-making process and there is a fixed winning line. Still, it is a great game, even if it creates some confusion.

The wolf's bane
Review of The wolfs bane 2021
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All in all, Wolf - Bane Slot has very interesting and new features that I like. Horror-themed slots, cruel features, and free spins make it one of the best free games out there. Also, its the first game in the series with no fixed pay so its not surprising that the RTP of the game is high.

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