Twin happiness

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Twin Happiness is a simple game that you can play on your device for 25p (PS125) one spin. It combines the design elements of a Vegas or Asian casino with a NetEnt video slot. Twin Happiness is easy to win the multiplayer game with two separate slot machines. When you spin them, they link together and show identical symbols, but they are not identical.


The journey


The twin part of the game title stands for replicating a reel with a symbol that matches another symbol. The potential win is to get two or more reels replicated and receive the highest payouts for each reel


Chapter 1


It is a game that the developer seems to have developed with a view to the Chinese market. It has many similarities with other games in the same genre, such as Super Mario Bros 2.

Classic symbols and simple layouts characterize Chinese – thematic graphics. It makes it an unusual game for NetEnt. The influence of the country’s culture on the design of this game is evident. It comes from the fact that they released other Chinese themed titles around the same time.


Chapter 2


The Chinese tradition inspired the symbol that would spin. It looks like a lantern with a golden nugget of Chinese character. The game also revealed some other characters. Those are the Chinese characters for the sun, moon, stars, and stars of the moon.

I was looking forward to it. That’s because NetEnt is not afraid of a simple fruit motif that would appeal to the Chinese players.


Chapter 3


They designed the game using 2D graphics and sits on a 5×3 grid. So, the graphics of the game are clean and crisp. The whole slot machine looks natural and vibrant. But, they have designed 2D graphics with precision. In the background, they use dark and rich hues. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant evening atmosphere with soft Chinese melodies.


Chapter 4


You can get more than 1,000 times the total bet on each spin to win, and there’s a decent RTP ($96.45) to forget about the game. It looks like it could pay off well enough. Only, there are a few issues with it, such as the lack of a single-player mode and a limited number of spin-offs.

The Twin Reel option embeds all the features found in the Twin Happiness slot. There is also a wild symbol that allows you to enjoy more chances to win. Also, the option to double or triple your bets.

This means that the unique Twin Reel feature can turn any spin into a big winner, and that’s what I’m looking for.

Chapter 5


Twin Happiness is an online video slot that you can win synchronizing Wild reels. You do it by offering identical symbols on 2 or 5 reels. Twin Happiness slots do not have too many pictures or symbols. Those that appear can fill a reel set with the same. Once you have synced all your Rees, you must be where the highest payouts hide.

It offers 243 different ways to win with different symbols and features. Here we’ll take a look at how the different symbol features can help you achieve a big win in the Twin Happiness game. As we always state in our range of RTP products, you can be sure to play NetEnts slots on your devices as soon as possible. It can be on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Chapter 6


Twin Happiness is a slot game developed by NetEnt that I like. You will find many similarities between it and other slot machines on the market. The game released by NetEnt is in line with the Fruit Slot theme from September. Play – N – Go released the classic Inferno and Joker slots on the same day, but with a different theme.

It’s the generic theme. It makes it look as if a cheap copy of the likes of NetEnt is trying to secure one of its most popular slots.

This casino game may be a copy of Twin Spin. But, something is missing from Twin Happiness slot machines on mobile devices. An online casino is Slots Million. It offers a push-to-play version of the twin happiness slot machine. You can play it for 1,000 euros (2,500 euros) or 3,300 euros (3,5,800 dollars) via the mobile app. Also, for 4,200 euros (3,600 euros) for the desktop version.




All in all, the free spins feature is what increases the excitement level of this slot machine. I’m surprised that the “Twin Happiness” slot machine got 4 stars, but I’ve won 243% of my way. Time for a trip to the Orient, where a twin lucky slot promises to synchronize your life with bliss and wealth.

Twin Happiness has an RTP of 96 – 55. That means players can play with confidence. Its slot machines are a game that combines traditional fruit and Chinese slot machines.

Review of Twin Happiness 2024
  • Graphics
  • Payout
  • RTP


Twin Happiness is offering 243 ways to win. Twin Reel feature, which can turn any spin into a big winner, is what makes this game unique. Besides, Chinese melodies and the design of the game make it relaxing and easier to play. With high RTP and a high chance of winning there is every reason for you to try it today.