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NetEnt invites you to go into battle with a series of Roman-inspired slots in the form of Victorious max. The background music of the winning slots goes with the theme of history and warfare at NetEnt.

The Victorious max takes you back to ancient Rome. There you can join the Roman army in battle and celebrate their conquest. The slot machines of the Roman Empire will delight slot machine fans with a passion for history.


The journey


Once you start playing Victorious Slots, you have two options. You can play either the classic version of the game or the MAX version. Combine all the features you win along the way and you could win some lucrative prizes.

The basic difference is gameplay and graphics. I have never reviewed a classic version, but this one is similar.


Chapter 1


From October 2019, you will be able to play slots at a NetEnt casino with the winning MAX slots. The coins show the number of coins you can bet and the bet level can be set at any level. All slots will be playable, with the largest amount of four slots per game, for a total of 10,000 coins.

The main difference between the two versions of the game lies in the features. Victorious MAX’s video slots increase the bet 7,000-fold with each spin. The winning multiplier becomes a good reason for players to dare and try out the dangerous red MAX mode. The winning slots in the classic mode offer the highest winning potential. But, 3x in its mode and by 5x in the red mode multiplies the wins, with the largest win of 5,500 x.
Here players have the opportunity to increase the variance of the game. They do it by the number of slots they can play for the biggest winnings. You can also play games with the most of 10,000 coins per game for the largest payouts.

Chapter 2


When you open the game, you can choose the classic winning version. It has the most of 10,000 coins per game for a total of 7,000x bets. The red represents the MAX version, where you can play big and win 7000X bets. The blue represents a game with at least 1,500 coins.

If you play the classic winning slot machine version, you get a 3x multiplier if you win. But, you don’t get multipliers to play the maximum game. Yet, if you play both the classic and the winning slot machine version, you will receive no multiples for winning.


Chapter 3


Victorious joins NetEnts MAX series. It is giving you the ability to choose between two volatility settings. In the classic version of Victorious, you can win 1,500x bets, but if you opt for the MAX version, you can win 7,000x your bets.

Another very exciting symbol slot is the possibility of replacing the “Wild” symbol. Also, and other symbols. Comparing it to other players with the same symbol triggers this feature. Such as the Wild symbol in the classic version.

Chapter 4


Victorious MAX is a simple game with simple graphics. Also, with slot machines that are over 8 years old, but it looks good. The original video for this was popular, and so I am convinced that it will repeat this success.

The first NetEnt casino game has many fans, and for good reason. It is fun enough. Also, a great addition to the gaming experience for casual and professional players. The first video slot was also released as a mobile version and has been popular with players ever since.




In conclusion, in the Max version of Victorious, all features are identical to the original. But the they increased volatility level. You can also increase volatility levels if you opt for a few gains in the Max version. The classic version is the same – like – original but new. The classic version allows you to make winnings with less than a $7,000 bet. So, you can play Victorious Max at a rate of 1 win per hour.

Victorious max
Review of Victorious max 2021
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Victorious Max is a simple game with a high chance of a win. With the MAX version, you can win 7000X bets at a rate of 1 win per hour. Because of that, there is a big possibility this game will repeat success.