Wild worlds

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Wild Worlds is a space-themed video slot machine. One of the most renowned software vendors has captured us with a crossover title. It is taking the world of online entertainment by storm. Look for a unique mobile gaming feature to spice up your online casino experience. This is a slot from the NetEnt. It is nice to see something new. It is combining innovative and unusual gameplay with the basics of high-paying slots. The Wild Worlds Slot is a great example of how good NetEnt slots can be.

The Journey

I do not play many slot machines. But, Wild Worlds slot machines have cartoon-inspired graphics that fit their theme. It caught my attention, so I started to play it.

Chapter 1

You are the main character of Wild Worlds slot machine. You see three feathered heroes called to save the planet from a giant ugly monster. Enter one of three worlds to face the world around you. Each of them is with their unique challenges. You enter one or all three of these worlds and face their different challenges.Each world is game-playing monster groups that lead your spaceship to the left of the reel while the action unfolds in the right.Wild World also uses the DS screen to represent both the ground and the sky. It introduces the ability to draw constellations in the sky. Previous interactions that used a top-down perspective. Unlike them, Wild World allows both the ground and the sky to be visible on the screen at the same time. It allows the player to view events that occur in both skies without having to change perspective.

Chapter 2

Breath of the Wild is an open-world game, and Nintendo has looked at other games to understand how to do it right. In that sense, Wild Worlds has a lot in common with video games. That is what the developers here wanted.The change is gradual. But, this report feels that Wild World is not expanding all that Animal Crossing has to offer. None of these issues holds the game back from a playability standpoint. But, Wild World has come nowhere near an improved port or extravagant sequel. Production values for such a powerful system as the GameCube are not impressive. But, it still looks good and is one of the best Animal Crossing games to date.

Chapter 3

Nintendo has played open-style games before, but this is the first of its kind. The world itself is like other popular open-world games. Wild Worlds plays like a video slot that demands your attention on the first spin. I do not particularly like modern slot machines. But, if you are familiar with games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS there are plenty of them. They will keep you entertained for a few spins.

Chapter 4

The Wild Worlds slot also offers a Free Spins bonus. It plays when a player receives three scatters in the same spin. The 3-Scatter symbol anywhere on the reel gives 8 free spins. You can access it from any gaming device. You can play on any computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices with a keyboard and mouse. Also, on a computer or mobile phone with a mouse and keyboard. A 3- Scatter symbol from anywhere along the reels gives 8 free spins, and that is it.

Chapter 5

As mentioned, many other additions have helped take Wild Worlds to a whole new level. Besides all its functions, we will talk about how the worlds work and what you can find in them. Worlds that play have several different Wild symbols. They, by replacing the regular symbols, also payout. These gems appear in various shapes and colors. You can find them in a variety of different ways around the world, such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, or gold.


All in all, the opportunity to go online and play the Wild Worlds is a great thing. it is a shame there is not more of it. It looks complicated at first. But, once you see this feature played a few times, it becomes self-explanatory. The breath of the wilderness is like a free form of Zelda. In it, you are not forced to do anything in a particular order, that is why it is magical.It plays like a free online slot with an RTP of 96.


Wild Worlds is a space-themed video slot where you see heroes that save the planet from monsters. You can enter one of three worlds with unique challenges. The main thing that game offers is a Free Spin bonus. With a 3-Scatter symbol anywhere on the reel, it gives 8 free spins. This, with other mentioned characteristics, show how good this video slot is.

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