Temple of nudges

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Temple of Nudges is a brand new online slot machine. NetEnt signed it and it is one of the most anticipated games on the market. We have examined this popular slot game. It brings us to the first episode of our online game review series. Temple Of Nudges is the latest in a long line of new and exciting online games.

Not every slot has to offer free spins to have fun, and Temple of Nudges is a great example of that. Stay with us as we find out what it takes to win a free spin in the Temple Of Nudges slot.


The journey


Play Temple of Nudges slots for free and you may win. Here you can play online for real money.


Chapter 1


At its core, Temple of Nudges is a simple slot based on recycled features used since the birth of video slots. It has only two features that I will describe and discuss in this slot machine review. It has a nudge feature that dominates the current video game market. At its core, it is a well-composed video slot. It has some interesting and innovative features to fill the gap in the current market.

As the name of the game, Temple of the Nudges, suggests, the core feature of this game is the Nudge feature. It is no great surprise to anyone that the nudge feature comes into the Temple of Nudges slot. But, it also includes an auto nudges feature that is a staggered block of slots.


Chapter 2


As you may guess, the nudge feature is at the heart of the game, but it’s a very different beast. After opening the Temple of Nudges slots, an intro screen will show you 5 reels. You can play them with 243 ways to win. There are 5 different types of nudge functions in Temple Of Nudges, and each of them is a win. NetEnt has also developed a new feature. It nudges the reel whenever the player lands on a winning combination.

Also, NetEnt has developed an autoplay element. Each time you win, the winning roll slips down, giving you a new opportunity to reach the payline. The symbol of the same color as your winning symbol remains on the reels. At the same time, surrounding symbols are respin. It increases your chances of winning in the forgotten jungle of a Temple Nudges slot.


Chapter 3


The push system works well to make Temple Of Nudges – a temple that is bound to an old jungle. This great temple offers Pink Casino players a promise of age-old bonus features. With each slot, it is offering a chance to win a re-spinning prize and a bonus.

So, it feels as if NetEnt has decided to take its cue from the ancient Aztec temples in Mexico, not the modern casinos of Las Vegas. They designed the Temple of the Ancients to protect the 243 winning ways.

Chapter 4


Temple of the Nudges allows you to activate a series of winning combinations by pushing the reel down. You spin it until you experience resin that can lead to a matching symbol. The big advantage of this game is that you can use both the Nudge and Re-Spin functions on the same spin. There is no free spin in this round, but there is a re-spin feature so you can spin the reels for another round.

With over 200 ways to win, you can expect to win a little more often, but not as often as in other games.


Chapter 5

If you are in a casino to play Temple of Nudges, you should use the casino’s bonuses. Deposit offered: $1,000, $2,500 and $3,200 for a total of $5,800.

Also, you will receive a free spin on the $1,000, $2,500, and $3,200 slots only through April. Whether it’s free spins or not, Temple of Nudges was a great slot machine for me. It was especially great with the bonuses.




All in all, Temple of Nudges offers an immersive experience. Its uncomplicated gameplay will appeal to many players, especially newcomers. This simplistic slot game has a lot to offer to the right player. If you choose this slot game, look for a ruby-like Jaguar.

This video slot offers 243 ways to win the payline structure. Also, there are plenty of good bets you can make here. There is no progressive local jackpot in Temple of Nudges, but you can still take home a decent win.

Temple of nudges
Review of Temple of nudges 2021
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Temple of Nudges, a new online slot machine, offers some new and old features. Most important is the Nudge feature, with 5 different types. You can play 5 reels with over 200 ways to win. So, you have a big chance of winning even through there is no progressive local jackpot. Also, there is an autoplay element of the game. If you have an interest in free spins you will receive a free spin on the $1,000, $2,500, and $3,200 slots. With all that, it is obvious that this game has a lot to offer.